Hair and Make up!!

The other day I got in contact with Solihull College to see if there were any Beauticians and Hairstylists who were interested in getting involved in my project. I sat down with a level 2 hair-dressing group and showed them my blog with the ideas of 80s fashion to see if any of them could help me to create the hair and make-up.

I decided to use my sister as a model as I have been having problems with models letting me down at the last minute or wanting to be paid. As well as one of the reasons for me using my sister, I wanted to get some natural shots and I felt that the relationship between me and my sister will show in the images, as she will feel more at ease with me than she would be with a photographer she did not know.

I took my model to Solihull College to do a test run on hair and makeup to see if we could create a 80’s style.

From doing my test shots on the hair and make-up I have decided my aim is to create images that interpret the 80’s style, but do not copy it completely. I will take on a light hearted approach in my photographic style by making the model look happy and relaxed and as though she was laughing, because I think this will reflect on my light hearted approach to mimicking the 80’s fashion. The reason for this is because I do not want to create the same 80’s images that were created in the 80’s. I want my fashion images to incorporate the taste of today’s market so that it achieves an up to date appeal.


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