Proposal Assignment 1 (fashion)

Since working on the fashion shoot I found I really enjoyed working in a group, and the planning involved in finding locations etc. I have already written a proposal for my assignment 1 which was about documentary photography, but I was shocked at how much I enjoyed the fashion photography and I feel that I would like to carry this on, as I can carry on with documentary photography at a later date.

I have realised that I have an interest in fashion photography and I want to develop my skills further so that I will be able to find a market place that will suit me. My aim is to develop my interest into a unique style, and to focus my work on a specific genre.

For my proposal I would like to create a collection that investigates fashion through the decades, from the 1930s up to 2000. To achieve this I have organised a group to work together to create a collection. We all chose one decade to focus on. My decade is the 1980s so I am going to research the fashion and the hair and make-up styles from this time. I am going to research the key photographers and the style of photography at this time and what cameras were used.

Once everyone has completed their research and taken their photos we will choose our four final images from each decade and display them as a book on the Internet. As well as this as a final group piece we are going to try and put this work as an exhibition.

While doing this project I will be gaining new skills, for example: organisation skills, planning, building up contacts, communication skills, time keeping and group skills, because we will be assisting each other on our shoots. I will need all these skills when coming to work in a group, without these skills the plan would fall through.

I will construct a portfolio of images that reflect on my development and I will make regular blog entries cataloguing the production, contemplation and reflective process involved in the creation of my portfolio of work. From doing this I think that I will have more contacts, therefore increasing the amount of potential jobs that could come my way.


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