Liquid light.

Today we had a work shop with Matt learning how to use liquid light on canvas. I found this very interesting and enjoyed doing this as this brought some of my arty side out from when I studied art. I had a couple of problems when coming to develop my paper as on my canvas I had put too much liquid light solution on and once my image started to peel off my image was starting to disappear in the different solutions. Although I was able to get one image there are places where it has peeled off, but I like this because it looks quite vintage and gives an interesting feel to it. Whereas on my other piece of paper that Craig gave to me, as he did not need it, the images came out nearly perfect. However I still like the effect that my original piece had as I feel that this looks more interesting. But overall I still really enjoyed printing onto canvas, and in the future would I like to print onto different surfaces and to see where this could go.





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Filed under Placing Photographic Practice in Context

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