Creating a group

Since speaking to Paul I asked Fran and Ria who I’d worked with before in the fashion shoot if they were interested in working together again. They were very interested and wanted to do this. Also Paul had let Nathan know as he had been away from Uni for a couple of weeks, and Nathan wanted to join as well. Once word got out that a group was forming more people wanted to join, so I decided to send an email out to all the photography students to see if anyone else was interested, and to come along to a meeting that I had set up. Also me, Fran, Craig and Ria had also been chatting before about a story idea and had come up with the idea of doing fashion decades.

How this would work is each person has one decade and they go off and do their research for that, and other people help assist on their photographs. Once everyone has done their decade we choose four final images off each person and put them as a book on the internet, going through the decades. As well as this as a final group piece we are going to try and put this work as an exhibition.

From this meeting everyone was inspired by the idea and wanted to be a part of it, and it was shocking for me to see how many people wanted to be a part of this idea that I had come up with as working in a group, as I thought that a lot of people would like to work on their own.

The members of the group are:










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