Fashion shoot

This is the fashion shoot that I did with some people on my photography course (with Ria, Fran, Pete and Louise as photographers/assistants). We got in contact with a fashion student called Abbey and she styled the model in some of the clothes that she had made, and some of the clothes that I had brought in, so that not everyone’s photographs had the same clothes in. Abbey said she really enjoyed styling the model and would like to do this again. Pete and Fran were in charge of finding a model and they found the girl below called Abbey. We were very lucky because she was very understanding and didn’t moan or mind  standing around while we were sorting out lighting. She said she really enjoyed working with us and would like to work with us again.

My task was to find the location to photograph in. This was The Village Hotel in Solihull. Once again we were very lucky, we did not have to pay for the location or for the room. They allowed us to photograph in all areas of the hotel, and didn’t mind us running around with light kits. The hotel was brand new and had only been open for two years which gave the images more of a professional feel.

The only thing that was a let down was that there were so many photographers and only one model. We did not get to photograph in all of the locations. And there were too many photographers to all help, so in some times of the day people were sitting around waiting for their turn.

In the morning there was a lot of natural light flooding into the hotel room we were in, so we were able to get away with only using the reflectors, which gave the images a natural feel.



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6 responses to “Fashion shoot

  1. great colours with natural poses, really like the use of natural light and how it has cast shadows in the right places

  2. hey, think that the way the photos are lit gives really good depth to the photos and the fact theres only one bright colour in each photo really draws your eye to the subject matter x

  3. Really lovely images, great use of natural light! x

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