Project Proposal Assignment 1 (first proposal documentary)

Over the summer I focussed on three areas of study: photographing people in a documentary style, landscape photography, and documenting my sister’s journey through a life threatening illness.


I realised that what interested me the most was photographing people in a documentary style. My aim is to develop my interest into a unique style so that I will be able to find a market place that will suit me, and to focus my work on a specific genre. While doing this project I do not want to narrow my research on one lead, but I would like to focus on a number of running ideas. From doing this I think that I will have more contacts, therefore increasing the amount of potential jobs that could come my way.


I would also like to continue documenting an individual’s difficult emotional journey. Although this may not be my exact area of study in the assignment, it is a topic which I may like to focus on alongside other things I am doing, as I know this is a documentary style that some photographers use.


In my research for this assignment I will consider what photography is as an artefact. I will then explore the ways that photography is different in different contexts, for example, how documentary photography is different from other genres. I will also investigate the attitudes to documentary photography and the restrictions that photographers face when people do not want to be photographed.


Advancement in technology has had an affect on the sorts of images that photographers are able to produce. Cameras and computer software are becoming more advanced which allows for far more control over the end result of the images, and more people have access to cameras than they did in the past. I plan to explore how this has affected documentary photography.


I will contact other photographers who work in this field as well as magazines, newspapers, and news programs that employ people to document issues. By using social media I will also try to find current events that I could document. This could be further helped with my blog as I could ask the public to inform me of any events they know about.


I will construct a portfolio of images that reflect on my development, and I will make regular blog entries cataloguing the production, contemplation and reflective process involved in the creation of my portfolio of work.



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