Found location

I have had some problems when coming to find a hotel location. I got told by the holiday Inn that there shouldn’t be a problem with my fashion group photographing in their hotel and that we only had to wait for the go ahead from the managing director. This person was the most difficult person to get in contact with. I was promised that he would get into contact with me but he didn’t. I left hundreds of messages for him that he did not reply to.


As our date for shooting was coming closer I decided to ring the Village Hotel as I knew it was a new hotel that had only just been built. The manager of the hotel was more than happy for us to photograph there and allowed us to use the whole of the hotel to photograph in, and did not have a problem with us photographing in any area.


I believe that everything happens for a reason and if it wasn’t for the Holiday Inn messing about then I wouldn’t have had this great opportunity to photograph in the Village Hotel. The Village Hotel style will suit the style of our fashion student’s garments more and will give our images more of a fashion shoot feel than the Holiday Inn would have. This is because the village hotel is more modern and sophisticated and that Holiday Inn did not have this feel.




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