Joe Spence Research

Joe Spence endured 3 serious illnesses: asthma, leukaemia and breast cancer which she documented in her own photography. She was linked to political photography in 1982 and when she became ill she wanted to create something that would be of use to people.

At first the public were not interested in these images. ‘I got no feedback from anyone…except for one woman, who came up and said, ‘Where did you get the green card they were on’? (Spence 1995: 213) – she quite liked the green card’. This lack of feedback made her worry that doing these shots had been a mistake.

She found her photos therapeutic because it showed that she was trying to heal her body.



Spence, J (1995) Cultural Sniping The Art of Transgression. 1st edn. London: Routledge



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