Liza Dracup ‘Sharpe’s Wood’ (research)

In her collection ‘Sharpe’s Wood’ Liza Dracup engages with the feeling that we can all be said to share when being in a wood at night time, and explores the viewers private fictional notion of this. She only photographs during sunset or sunrise and uses light to show a passing of time. With her use of light she is not simply documenting the woods appearance but is capturing the magical and spooky mood of these woodland scenes.

It is an intimate collection because it portrays her own childhood memories of exploring this location with her friends, where she would bring her Kodak 133-X Instamatic camera, and such fairytales as ‘Hansel and Gretel’ helped to shape the way that they saw the wood. It was the possibility of something enchanting and spooky taking place which attracted Dracup and this is what is depicted in her photographs.

Dracup, L. (2007) Sharpe’s Wood. UK: Impressions Gallery


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