Feedback from people about my street photography.

From my last experience of street photography, I decided to ask people if they thought I did the right thing. A lot of people in my class said they wouldn’t know what to do. And if they were in the same position as me they probably would’ve done the same thing. From speaking to my lecturers they said that the man had no right to take in my film and that he had robbed me.

As a photographer we have the rights to photograph in a public place. If you wanted to take photographs of children you would have to ask permission of the parent or guardian. But on the streets as long as you don’t pervade someone’s personal space (by pushing a camera in someone’s face) or block a public path with tripods and camera equipment so the public can’t use the path, then you have the right to photograph whoever you like.

As well I decided to to contact my photographer friend Marcus Bleasdale to see what he thought about my experience, and this is what he had to say,

what you should have done is gone and developed it

OR taken his name and telephone number and told him you would develop it and show the results. he had no right to demand the film, in fact what he did was illegal

worst case you give it to him and take his number and get it back when he developed it himself

NEVER give away your film

best of luck next time


From all of this feedback I feel more confident in taking photographs on the streets. Even though this was unfortunate it happened to me at least I have now learned my rights as a photographer, as well this has helped my classmates understand their rights to.

link to first photo on street photography experience if you have not read it already!


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  1. Glad to hear that your confidence is back up Larissa it would have been a real shame if you had lost your will to photograph on the street, especially as you’ve shown an aptitude to it and to engaging with strangers. Keep up the good work.

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