Reflection on the 3 things that inspired me most and how they affected my approach to my discipline.

1. John Lewis. I think that since starting uni study has made me more knowledgeable. And I am starting to learn how to reflect on my practice and be objective.  Going into my part time job I can see how my improved skills can be used commercially to help me get a job in the future.  John Lewis have told me that they value my skills and would be happy to take my part time job further after my degree by offering me a post grad training course. This is great because it shows that the skills I am learning at uni are working in the workplace and inspires me to carry on.

2. Working with professional photographers and having teachers who are actually out there doing photography has also inspired me.  Before I started uni to study photography I had never had a photography teacher as I came up through the art route.   The one thing that I like about Coventry lecturers is that they give honest answers and good feedback and push you to your limits.  As well, they encourage me to contact famous photographers and give me the confidence to pester them to help and contact me.

3. Being able to use the equipment and darkroom has been a real inspiration to me.  This is because before starting this course I had never used any photography equipment and really didn’t have a clue. From working with the equipment, tutors and my peers I have become more confident and more excited about my photography practice.  From using complex equipment I now want to get out and experiment more and use new things.  Whilst I am in the experimenting phase of mind I am producing better work and really hope to carry this on and develop further.


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