Ori Gersht Exhibition

I went down to London to the Mummery & Schnelle gallery, where they had an exhibition of Gersht’s 2008/2009 work. I found that it was good to observe his work up close on the walls and the size he had printed in, I find this work difficult to understand. Gersht refers back to the conflict between the Nazis and the Jews in his photographs of landscapes. The Evaders collection was photographed in the Pyrenees. I find it quite difficult to understand the reasons behind Gersht’s work but it seems he is trying to show that countries may have borders but people also have cultural and psychological borders.

‘Hide & Seek’ shots were taken on the borders of Poland and Belarus showing place of refuge during political conflict. As I mentioned I sometimes find it difficult to understand Gersht’s work so I found it quite helpful when I spoke to Wolfram, the Art Director of the gallery I visited. He told me the work was ‘dealing with questions of landscape, memory and history in relation to photography’. I asked him what his impression was of Gersht. He said ‘You have to imagine the knowledge and ability to see and discover the world’. He went on to tell me about a future piece of work planned by Gersht that includes a film about a Holocaust survivor and also a visit to Japan to look at the culture and identify.


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