John Lewis

I work at the John Lewis store in Solihull in the bed linen department. Recently I have been re-designing the display fixtures that we put the duvet covers and pillow cases on. I started putting together bedspreads and pillows that complimented the duvet sets, so when customers are looking at a particular duvet cover they can see what goes together with it. For John Lewis this will create more money for partnership (John Lewis).

One of the managers that direct the store (steering group) came down and really liked how the fixtures were looking and wanted all of the fixtures to look like this, as they told a story. Also she brought the manager directors from High Wickham John Lewis store to have a look. From doing this they are taking my idea back to their store and trying it out. If this wasn’t good enough news my managers are going down to a London meeting and sitting with directors and other managers from other John Lewis stores and putting my ideas forward. So there might be a chance that all the John Lewis stores will be trying my idea out. I never thought from me just playing about with a fixture when the shop was quiet that it would create so much interest.


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  1. Hope you get a decent bonus from this aha… Good work, well done!

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