London Underground

When I went down to London I found it quite humorous watching how people act in different environments. For instance when I was on the tube I was crammed in this tiny space with lots of people, and no one says a word to one another. You are physically touching them, inches away from another person’s face, yet everyone just looks at the floor, or out a window at a black wall, and nobody says a thing. I find it funny that should you take this same group of people and put them at a works party they would all happily talk to each other. Or even if they were all at the same funeral they would al talk to each other. It just makes me laugh.

When you hear other countries talk about how the British people act, you just know that they have stood on a tube and thought ‘what the hell is going on here?’

Another thing that makes me laugh is that you will see all these business men and women in smart clothes, speaking in a posh way, and they all have Blackberrys or Iphones and are constantly checking them or are on them talking to someone.  The odd one will have a Starbucks coffee in their hand – there must be a skill involved when running while changing tube trains. But the thing that makes me laugh most is that they might look all posh and well to do, and very important business people, but if you look down to the floor you see these big white trainers that look completely out of place. I could sit all day on the tube just watching people and how they act.

Also how people shout at you to get out of the way if you are standing on the wrong side of an escalator in a tube station. There is a lot of structure and rules for using the tube. I think anyone going down to London should be given a book on how to act when they are there. It should tell you to wear your poshest suit, to remember your Iphone and coffee, to remember their brightest pair of white trainers and don’t forget  to stand on the right hand side of the escalator.

If you do all this you will fit In well in the London underground.


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