Reflection on my first term

For my first assignment at university, we had to show that we could use film cameras. Before starting university I had never used film cameras before. I had learnt a lot from this module, I learnt how to use film about the different light that is needed to project an image onto a roll of film, I learnt how to develop film, and learnt how to print. Also I had learnt to use different types of film cameras such as a 35mm camera and a mamyi 7 camera.

what I wanted to show you through my photographs  that I had taken, was to show how I felt being dyslexic. I wanted to show how dyslexics feel different and sometimes alone. One of the funniest things was whilst I was doing his assignment I didn’t have any in my dyslexia support in place, so I was struggling at the time. And I think if I went back over this work now with my support in place I would do better on this. I am still happy  though because I passed my first university module and I now know how to use film.


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