Summer Project

The images below are my summer project. We were asked to photograph of a normal day I decided to photograph my grandad. My grandad is an old man living on his own in a flat he’s 79 years old.

When I went to photograph my grandad I soon realised how alone he must feel sometimes as well it allows me to see my grandad in a new light, before this I had never been with my grandad for a full day watching him do his day-to-day things and in a way it’s allowed me to understand him more on why he does certain things.

From looking at my grandad you might think is trampy, smelly, unclean but he’s an old man at the end of the day.

He lived on his own most of his life, never cleaned his house, and cleans his self with disinfectant, you might think this is a bit strange, I do. But this is how he’s chosen to live his life. There are people all around us that live their lifes in different ways on which we might think it’s a bit strange, but who are we to judge. I know deep down it doesn’t matter what I do I know he will always love me so even though there might do things that winds me up and I think it strange, I know I will always love him.

What my grandad does on a day, seven days a week is, gets his porridge washes his face in disinfectant as he believes it kills any germs gets straight into the clothes that never been washed, drives his granny’s scooter down to the local Sainsbury and looks all the deals in the market at this time, then he will have a cup of tea in the supermarket, go home put his scooter into his garage, and then go on the bus and go round all the supermarkets in Solihull and Shirly to see what deals are on. He will only buy one thing from each supermarket if they are lucky! and then to finish off the day he will go back to Sainsbury’s cafe and have a sausage and egg sandwich and a cup of tea. Even though you might feel it is a bit strange, I did, he does this because he can socialise with people and keep himself fit.

Even though he rings at 7 AM in the morning telling us that is not going to live longer than a week, or ring the phone once and put it down the minute you pick it up, so he doesn’t have to pay for the phone bill, or the time that we gave him a mobile and he didn’t stop text in all hours of the night, because he felt that he could get in contact with you any time, any day, I now understand that me and my family are all that he has got.

I know how happy it made him feel when he was helping me out with my photography project, and how proud he was that I was going to university, he wound up the whole of Sainsbury supermarket staff, telling them that his granddaughter is going to university, and even though it was highly embarrassing for me, I know he’s so proud of me. You know what I am proud of him. He might have had a hard life and he might be a pain but I wouldn’t change for the world. So when you look at these images, your first thoughts will be god he lives like a tramp, but I ask you to look past the mess and the filth and to look at that man and to take him for who he is, a kind gentleman who would do anything for his family.


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