My website-

The website was made in order to showcase my work, and get my images out there to allow my work to become recognized, also this would allow me to broadcast my images to the public. The Internet is used regularly by many famous artists such as Chase Jarvis, Martin Parr and many others. This suggests that websites are beneficial to have as photographers.

I made my website using Adobe Dreamweaver, which allows you to build a XHTML website. Before creating the website, I came up with sketches of layouts I would like to produce. Before moving on with my ideas, I decided that it would be beneficial to observe some popular functioning websites that I liked, such as,, and photographers websites as previously discussed. I created some web comps in Adobe Photoshop. I played around with ideas, varying different backgrounds, headers and colour schemes. Until I was satisfied with an idea that provided the style I was looking for in a website,

I moved onto creating my final plan, deciding on header, footer and menu positions and so on. The process of creating the website in Dreamweaver was complicated however I did some background research, through Adobe Dreamweaver tutorials and many different websites to help. The website when it was created looked exactly how I wanted to, with a simplistic yet smart approach, also providing the public with easy accessibility and usability.

From this website I can carry on uploading my photos which can only help to advertise my work, and promote myself as a photographer in an already competitive world.

Here is my link to my website;


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